570 wkbn deals

570 wkbn deals

Login not required Preferences Did you know New stations can have 3 years to get on the air? Youngstown, Ohio Market: Youngstown-Warren, OH https: Open Guide. October 3, Dan Rivers 8:

Communications World 1979

The DXer's Receiver Guide agedalplipeo0. For example- Understanding Transistors How Radio Receivers Pull in Signals. Cathode Ray Tubes Explained How In case you're not all that familiar with Capacitors Work Using Magnetism us, were not a publication for electrical in Electronics. And morel engineers and other wizards. No way. How to Power -Up Your Antique as they are. And I guess they're right!

It's more than Those Incredible TV Sets of the just the "do-it-yourself" angle-it's also Future the spirit of adventure. What- like constructing a fine-tuned little The World's Worst Hi-Fi Com- ever your particular interest in elec- universe all your own. Simulate knows the kinds of projects space flight with our computer analog year.

Ever hanker to build a sharp -looking radio. Construct a see-through crystal digital clock radio? Or to hook up an radio. TODAY ok We've got it all to get you hows of turntables How well does GE's NiCad charger. What's , 7-'. Plus ci.. Do ry: It's a regular feature. Enlow U. Slawson U. Weakley U. Publications Editorial and business offices: Michigan Ave. Publishers' Rep. Our favorite Small Planet-Earth-is shown on this issue's cover.

All contributions shou! Copyright by Davis Publica- microprocessor scanner with multiple frequency readouts, time -zone computer, progamm- tions, Inc. To fill drawer and a peg board back for hang- ing tcols; another section includes stand- ard accessories-rollable machine cabi- the need for an exceptionally stable and net, drawer case with 18 -drawer insert, sensitive receiver capable of top per- work stool and an extra shelf.

The two formance, Yaesu Electronics Corporation sections are attached side -by -side so has introduced its model FRG Machine cabinet and sensitivity, selectivity and calibration ac- drawer case allow organization of tools curacy rarely found in consumer re- ceivers. Impedance 50 ohms. Re- quires 20 VDC 50 ma. For increased gain additional am- plifier may be added. Uses BNC type terminals. Box , Paramount, CA facilities. The two work units are each Operating Temperature: The shelves and workbenches can easily be adjusted vertically on 2 -in.

VSWR Output: Output capability for db near comes with a molded tray with rately. Consult factory for price list. For intermodulation distortion: Included is a handy folder that locates each terminal and explains the uses of the crimping tool. Vaco products are found wher- ever professional hand tools are sold. Can't find a dealer? The RJ ucts. Savings Bonds shop can be used by home craftsmen, doubles as a microphone and comes servicemen, and do-it-yourselfers. The complete with a carrying case, two mini -shop is composed of two sections, crystals, three "A" 1.

Available from ume and squelch. To match local tronics Corporation, Ludlow St. The radio operates from incorporates latest LSI technology. Fea- instance, to simply touch the bar and standard volts AC. The suggested hear instantly what's happening. Details the "Bearcat One -Four," the radio can are available from Bearcat dealers or by be used to monitor police, fire, emer- writing to Electra Company, P. Box gency, marine, weather and other ser- , Cumberland, IN Each chan- nel is also provided with a lock -out tures of the Davis include large switch for easy by-passing of any chan- 8 -digit LED display, push-button switch- nel.

Slide bar controls are used for vol- es, built-in prescaler, gate light, crystal time base and automatic decimal point placement. The VS con- gate time; resolution is 1 Hz with 1. Comes with 8 -ft. The Hardware, below what you'd expect to pay. Highly selective Collins Mechanical For more information write or It's designed for extremely low distor- Filters are used for intederence-free re- call today. California tion 1. College Ave Box within Hz. CA Wow and hardware, plus assembly manual and flutter is 0.

Get all the facts on calibrated to specifications and guaran- the RT and other audio compo- teed for one year. For further informa- nent products by writing to Sharp Elec- tion, contact Davis Electronics, tronic Corp. NY Digital Multimeter Scanner -Monitor Antenna ally, the counters can be used for events, A low-cost accurate digital multimeter FINCO offers a new and different line of period and period averaging.

The zero setting is au- quencies. Sun -Powered Marine Battery Charger Solarex Corporation of Rockville, Mary- land presents a new 7 -watt Solar Ener- gizer-a marine battery charger that has tested against overload and has no moving parts and requires no fuel Megohm input impedance. The aircraft monitor model the battery. Eye" Automatic Program Search System.

Input fre- yachts that have no auxiliary power- quencies of the three counters are 5 Hz and therefore no generator-yet require to MHz, 5 Hz to MHz in two electricity to operate running lights, com- ranges and 5 Hz to 1 GHz in three munication equipment, and other elec- ranges respectively. The new counters trical gear. CB, AM and FM, hi-fi equipment, charge with power left over to, for ex- the start of the next song or back to marine and aircraft radio, military appli- ample, operate an FM or CB transceiver, the start of the present seection.

Pack- cations, land mobile and more. Stand- tion lights for hours. It's maintenance CB band signals-transmitted or re- ard features include an electret con- and pollution -free, silent, and fully auto- ceived. For information, write speaker. Side mounted Record, Stop and or overcast days, at dockside or at sea. Avanti Research and Development, Inc. Cue, Review, Rewind and Fast Forward two wires to connect. Solar Energizer create a simple operational format.

A weighs four pounds and generates 0. For more 4forma- performance in one handsomely styled The basic Pear! The Model AV The five function, 22 range Model offers complete portability with precision measurement capability. The SD2 is fully modular. The Triplett Model Detachable AM and FM Tuner modules is a safety -conscious design with are available to create complete enter- no exposed metal parts -and it includes a tainment systems. A fused probe pro- etc. Also available is a unique voice vides for both high energy and normal actuator module for voice activated re- use circuit protection.

Over -range is in -. DC polarity cm.

John Nagy off the air after 40 years at WKBN-570

The DXer's Receiver Guide agedalplipeo0. For example- Understanding Transistors How Radio Receivers Pull in Signals. Cathode Ray Tubes Explained How In case you're not all that familiar with Capacitors Work

Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down.

The station also carries games for the Cleveland Indians , and Youngstown State Penguin football and basketball. The station recently signed a deal to carry Youngstown State football and basketball; they had previously carried Ohio State football and basketball, which has now been moved to WNIO and The station was founded in by Warren P. Williamson, Jr. The original facilities were in the basement of Williamson's home, but by the following year operations had moved to studios in the YMCA in downtown Youngstown.

Newsradio 570 WKBN

Spring is here, and Irish eyes are smiling! Happy St. So if you can, please support EnergyShare when you pay your natural gas bill. Because together, we know that even small donations can make a big difference when the temperature drops. For more information about how you can help, please visit dom.

Clear Channel Radio Cuts Jobs - WFMJ.com News weather sports for Youngstown-Warren Ohio

The Borough of Clarks Summit is pleased to offer the availability to pay your sewer charges online. About Sereday's Dumpsters. The Borough contracts with them to provide this service. We do collect on Martin Luther King Jr. Emergency Services Training Center. It is almost a museum, rather than record store. Local trash pick up in Sharon, PA. Phone us today to secure a unit.

Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis: It's A Gas Gas Gas

Find 3 listings related to Fox 45 in Dayton on YP. If it's Dayton related, post it! Upvote posts you enjoy to keep the community active and from becoming the Salem Mall. No soliciting for money or goods. Off-duty Arlington officer saves victims in fiery I crash. First craft beer airline launching flights from Columbus. On Demand versions of these channels do not air live sports games and do not display the live scores feature.

OHSAA Radio Network

John Nagy was cut after four decades of service, along with Dan Gonder who has years on the job. Sean Stevens and Lorraine Hall were also told it was their last day. A total of five people were let go. General Manager Bill Kelly tells 21 News it is part of a corporate wide reduction in force due to the state of the economy. Social media and distinctive clothing helped lead Warren police to a man suspected of stealing a waitresses' tip at the Sunrise Inn. Police in Ohio's capital city have released video footage showing an officer punching a man who refused to comply with instructions to stay back from an investigation scene. A death row inmate accused of killing a Louisiana woman in in Ohio has pleaded not guilty to charges including aggravated murder. Health officials in Ohio say 15 people have now been diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease amid an outbreak at a recently opened hospital near Columbus. The Pennsylvania State Police is warning registered sex offenders about a telephone scam that targets them for fraud. The first Andean condor chick to be hatched at a bird zoo in Pittsburgh since is dead, a few days after it hatched.

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