Coupon code ironman cozumel

Coupon code ironman cozumel

This was a host hotel for the event. I felt there could of been a little more information given ahead of time about shuttles, breakfast before the race ect. We would return to this resort if we came to Cozumel again. The food was really great. The staff were very friendly. The rooms are ok.

Coupon code ironman cozumel

Brooke had a serious surgery last winter and will now race her first-of — the — season! Canadians Reid and Brown get ready for Ironman So motivation was up high! Brooke felt great in Cozumel, a well motivated pro athlete. Ready to race and enjoy the sportsmanship! Brooke suffered in Cozumel last year and she was keen on doing a performance! Easy said of course, most people know preparing a race is a physical and mental game, as a 3rd full distance not so easy to approach.

So it would be possible we would have to chase during the race! For the bike, we had a non-reliable powermeter, so biking would be on feeling and never blow up! Later we see, only the top 3 ran slightly harder. So right and realistic view before the race of Brooke, on the bike she was alone to move up. After 7K I saw her pace and knew she would move up! As an athlete you must consider racing against other strong athletes as an honour. With a fine 3h21 marathon she finished her last race of !

A happy coach, seeing her race consistent, now focus towards a splendid after some nice resting. In Almere Brooke could have won the race, but it ended up frozen in a warm bath…in Lanzarote, Ixtapa and Cozumel Brooke took vengeance in style! We knew concurrence was there and we would have to be strong to fight the other competitors on this Half Irondistance! But Brooke was ready, she prooved in Ocean Lava Lanzarote — which she won, 4th win of the season! Brooke was hungry, hungry to perform well after she was caught by cold in Challenge Almere where she dropped out…frozen,!

Brooke did the swim we expected and could fight her way back into the race for the podiumspots on the bike! She entered T2 as 2nd! Brooke was capable of working well towards this race. A minimum of travelling and fatigue, but a maximum of result! Not always easy for a pro athlete! On the run she was fighting all way long for 2nd — 3rd place!

Finally Brooke crossed the finishline 3rd, which made her very happy! The base for this peaking period Brooke realised by working very consistent. No superweeks anymore after a hard season, but consistancy and the right amount of hard to low intensity workouts make her perform at the right time! Because of a surgery in february we will have a long season now and we will go through till mid january!

Brooke fighting during the race, crossing the finish satisfied in 3rd position! Most of our athletes know this track…because they suffered there at least once ;-! Did you expect to win both and which victory did you like the most? Yes, we had an incredible kick off to my season. I never imagined winning both. Truthfully speaking, I was apprehensive going into IronMedoc. While most athletes were already well-underway with spring training, I was coping with being ill and inconsistent training.

I thought I would be lucky, if I could crack 10 hours on the day, and in fact, I raced to a new personal best of 9: The race itself is challenging with an ocean swim and over m of climbing on the bike, let alone the added cumulative fatigue from IronMedoc. It is hard to say which victory I enjoyed more. On one side, my performance at IronMedoc took me by surprise and boosted my confidence. So coming into Triathlon Deauville, I had a greater sense of self and my abilities, but being able to execute well a 2nd time, right after which has been my best-performance to date is also gratifying.

After a difficult winter in Canada Brooke had a lower confidence. But a 6weeks no- nonsense approach suited her. She won in a new race and personal besttime! You are correct! For me, triathlon is more than just a race. It is precisely that, healthy living. Which comes first? Well, in order to perform at a high level, life, family, food, rest, stress levels, etc.

So here, healthy living is the egg and comes first. In this instance, sport is a vehicle for some to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through sport people become become more introspective about their body, eating and other lifestyle habits. Often times this is accompanied with positive change towards an improved self. I am from Southwestern Ontario. The Windsor, Essex region is much like Holland, pancake flat.

Both Canada and Holland, have excellent training facilities to excel as an athlete, state-of-the-art pools and tracks available to the public. Brooke will one day become one of the women who will put down a sub 3h10marathon on the full distance! Back home in Windsor, I have some of my favourite trails just a few kilometers from my house. Here in Holland, daily I am becoming more and more acquainted with the area.

The nice thing here is an intricate set of trails that connect the country both by foot and bike. Kilometers and kilometers of running without the sight or smell of a car. Similarly to Canada, winters are difficult to train in Holland. However, the temperature is slightly more moderate which means hopefully next spring, I will be out sooner on my bike than this year, in May. We also have to deal with rain in Holland, like in Holland during the spring months.

I guess it just means I have to start dressing warm. It is funny to think that I just achieved two massive goals for me , and yet I am already goal-setting again. This is the beauty about the sport, it is about self-betterment. My next immediate goal is to defend my title at Full Distance Triathlon Vitoria, next month. Last year, I was injured going into this race so, my focus will be to stay healthy and train hard.

After that we will be working hard towards Challenge Almere. Here, I am looking to have a breakthrough performance. In Almere you will be in the same race as our Berry, you will definitely be encouraged during the race! Past weekend was definitely one of those grand slam weekends! With 3 Half Ironmandistances we had 3 major goals coming! Saturday Brooke realised her double after doing a great race again in Deauville France She took the win by coming out of the water 2nd and having to wait till the end of the run to be sure of her 2nd consecutive win!

Click here to hear interview with Triathlete Magazine! In Troyes France , approx. Hans and Sam after the race, happy about racing in a great setting! The making off a macrocycle days in advance, is the success of a good season! Being in shape too early or too late is such a pity of each effort for athletes! In Ironman Only some nerves the days before could keep him away from his ticket to the world championships!

A well built load during the year with a wise tapering off lead to qualification for Raphael! His performance was not only good enough for the ticket, but he also became first Belgian age group athlete! Raphael his season so far is very successfull! If you work hard, you can play hard. If you played hard, you MUST smile hard!

Brooke Brown, Canadian and Pro triathlete contacted me …a bit in panic because of illnesses, not feeling good and a lack of shape. To me it was very clear there was no balance and right orders in what she was doing. This must lead to a form of orthosympathic overuse. I think she just avoided the overtrainingstate…or else she would not be able to perform! For finding back the balance I tried to focus on other impulses than she was used to…to find back the right shape. Brooke could do a good trainingcamp in Lanzarote and after the camp a nice load in the run.

I was assured she was able to do a decent performance…but you never know for a full distance. The power must be there at the right time…and it was! Brook also came to Belgium 1,5week before the race, just to meet up, to chat and learn to know her feelings on racing and what Triathlon exactly means in her life.

But we also trained, and it was clear she had a good run in the legs already…. For the tactical part of the race we skyped with eachother and discussed a bit how to race. We try to win more Pro races and for that we build furter on a solid base!

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Set a Meeting or Send a Message. IslaMar Vacation Villas rated "excellent" by many travelers. Car na val What better place to spend a summer vacation than right here in Cozumel so get those tickets booked and come on down!!

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It was a bit slower than I hoped for, but my main goal for the first time out was to just get it done and have a smile on my face at the finish line. That main goal was achieved. Fighting through the pain, the mental traps and self-doubt, and what mother nature and random events can throw at you during a race like this is not easy — so just crossing the finish line for my first time out felt amazing. The answer is yep, you probably could have for some of you. Others, who knows?

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Here's some of the perks: This page contains a list of all current Active. Verified Site. Request one. You are viewing current active. Visit active. Bring a friend


Ironman Florida 70.3 Prize Money

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Brooke had a serious surgery last winter and will now race her first-of — the — season! Canadians Reid and Brown get ready for Ironman So motivation was up high! Brooke felt great in Cozumel, a well motivated pro athlete. Ready to race and enjoy the sportsmanship! Brooke suffered in Cozumel last year and she was keen on doing a performance! Easy said of course, most people know preparing a race is a physical and mental game, as a 3rd full distance not so easy to approach. Coupon Codes

B2B Bike to the Beach. IM Raleigh White Lake Half. IM MD. IM AZ. IM European Championship. Bike to the Beach. Beaverdam Tri. Pinehurst Triathlon.

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Best deal to celebrate Dad. June 1st to 30th, Promo code: Snorkel gear and beach toys please check availability. Offer not valid with other promotions or groups. Enjoy the Winter Holiday Season with us. January 4th — 31st, Welcome Triathlon Athletes Oct 1 to Oct 9, Promo code: Rates per room, per night in US dollars, all taxes included.

Join the club for a challenging weekend in Traverse City.

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The annual contribution for the Pro Membership Program is of USD for the about some changes for the organizers prize money and slot allocation. While first place at the Ironman Championships in Kona. The State of exhiropa. Slots ironman florida And K for a win is BIG money! Revolvy Handcycle competitors, who are paraplegic, quadriplegic or double above-the-knee amputees and use a hand cranked cycle on the bike segment and racing chair for the run segment could also qualify at Ironman Best Vw Car Deals. For this year's series, the Kellogg's Nutri Grain Ironman will start its series at the gorgeous Ironmen and Ironwomen in action as they compete to win the prizes. New Ironman Pro Membership Page 4: The World Ironman Championship in Hawaii offered prize money for the first time in

Coupon code ironman cozumel

Jayhox - 7: I freaked out today when I realized I had not actually signed up yet. By the way, when I checked on my USA Triathlon membership, I got a message that I qualified for the national championships due to my finish at the Midwest Meltdown last year! Doubt I make it to Vermont in August for it, but it is tempting. I qualified in on the same course my only AG 1 thus far but my time was a bit slower than yours though. I think there are a few of us from the group I ride with heading up. Let me know if you want to join. Free State will be packed just FYI. I was planning on riding the K. Tri course that Saturday. Maybe I can do both: We are only about 25 minutes out. I will let you know as plans become firm. The only obstacle a few have is church, and Palm Sunday.

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