Coupon msecure windows

Coupon msecure windows

Coupon msecure windows

Security breaches and password leaks are happening more and more frequently, with a greater than ever need to avoid using the same password for multiple websites, or to keep a list of passwords unencrypted. Initially an iOS app, the product was expanded to Android, Mac and Windows within the first few years and it is now highly popular, with over 1 million customers. When mSeven migrated to Paddle in , they sold licenses for each device separately. Not only did customers dislike the need to purchase a same product several times, important features such as cross-device password syncing could not easily be introduced. Most customers wanted to use mSecure on 2 devices. Breaking the silos was becoming critical and in early , mSeven decided to introduce a single login structure and cross-platform payments together with their major new version, mSecure 5.

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Been using mSecure for awhile and just got a in-app pop up telling me mSecure 5 is available next month. Below is from mSecure s site: This is a one-time purchase for a cross-platform license giving you access to all of mSecure s features on all of your devices iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. One of the main goals for this release was to bring a more modern look and feel to the user interface. This type of change is more than simply stylistic.

Making an interface look pretty is important but is only a small piece of the puzzle. Creating an attractive interface while enhancing the usability of the app was our focus. We took our time to build an interface that is both beautiful and effective. But there is so much more than just visual improvements. In the end, the experience of mSecure 5 is superior in every way to its predecessor.

Our new cloud service makes keeping mSecure in sync on all of your devices extremely simple. With an mSecure Cloud account you will always have instant access to your information. Of course, if storing your data in the cloud is not for you, you can always choose to disable syncing so it is only stored locally on your device. While the security for mSecure has always been rock solid, we believe it is important to keep pace with industry standards when it comes to encrypting your information.

For a digital wallet, nothing is more fundamentally important than the encryption algorithm used to protect the data stored in the app. We replaced the aging Blowfish encryption in older mSecure apps with industry standard, military grade AES encryption. No matter where it is located, our end-to-end encryption method protects your information with the highest levels of security.

I still have 1Password 3, no sub fees and iOS version always updates for free after original purchase which I got for free years ago too! They ve never charged me for any updates when i had a windows licence, but recently moved to sub because i have a mac now. I ll do this once my wife comes to her senses and stops using the same password for everything.

I ve been using it for over 5 years now I think and have never been charged for updates. Because clearly you have never updated to a new version JV. Sheesh your posts just get worse and worse. We believe that all the additional features and enhancements merit the charge to upgrade. However, customers who have purchased mSecure recently within 60 days are eligible to upgrade to mSecure 5 at no additional charge.

I do not know our future plans in terms of charges. However, I can tell you that we do not plan to release major updates on a yearly basis. We do have plans for lots of feature enhancements and additions to mSecure 5 though. If we released a paid for upgrade every year, there would be no difference between that and a yearly subscription. What is the difference between Lastpass charging an annual fee that you don t really have to pay anyway versus this product that you have to pay to upgrade to the new versions and of course security fixes?

Looking at versions it looks like a new version is released every year. Lastpass is constantly updated and they re not waiting for a new version before putting fixes and improvements into place. Another one of JV s random posts. Here are their release notes, no new features or updates even security for older versions once the new version is released. Just for you, I downloaded and reinstalled the current version and my licence key worked fine….

Bought the desktop and iphone app back in and haven t had to pay a cent since for the updates…. It s the same premise and this turns out to be less secure and more expensive. KeePass is free and available on almost all devices unlike mSecure. I agree but KeePass lacks a lot of the functionality of say LastPass and when you have a lot of passwords to maintain you end up reusing passwords or storing them in your browser because KeePass doesn t offer easy or reliable synchronisation, no browser integration etc etc.

Having said that KeePass is still a very good product but for me I find that LastPass has increased my security dramatically thanks to features like the synchronisation that works immediately, password generator when signing up and password entry for apps and websites. Extensions are available for chrome and firefox. Personally, I don t mind the extra few seconds copying in passwords.

I would also like a browser that doesn t support many of the newer HTML5 standards which provide access to hardware like a webcam and doesn t support plugins. I highly recommend Msecure… Been using it for a while on my android devices… It syncs great! Not correct, the windows store version is different to the windows version. This is weird as why not have have all versions the same? We do not consider the Microsoft Store version the new version.

You need to make a separate purchase for each platform, then updates for that platform are free. I m pretty sure when I bought it, I had to pay separately for the app and desktop version, but all updates have been free since…. I think it s a special bundled deal that we get apps for all platforms. Anyone use or have an opinion on Sticky Passwords?.

You just answered your question…. Don t get me wrong sometimes these deals are real deals but sometimes they are a short sighted business decision to make a heap of money in a short time before selling off the product or slowing down development. Yeh just more looking for someone that uses it that had an opinion it was good or not. Had a few bits of functionality I liked the idea of automatic clipboard clearing - unusual from what I have seen, Form filling, Autopassword generation, etc.

It has a free version but I like the encrypted cloud sharing that the subscribed product has. I wouldnt buy it for and I hate monthly subscriptions. Personally I use 1Password though as I find it much more usable. Value in.. How easy and quick it is to setup? How easy and quick it is to learn to use? How easy and quick it is to use every day? Does it manage only passwords or licences or…? How much would all of the passwords be worth if something happened and someone got access to every password and what ever is stored in there?

Is it difficult to use so at times you would just skip using it and therefore risk insecurity? Purchase price? Update fee? So, value in…? I use 1Password as when I purchased it it was the only program that was easy to use, had a great set of features and was secure. By that you mean over all the categories or cost? Because best value most of the time infers price so the question has ambiguity.

And my comment is completely relevant as a lot of the discussion above is purely about price, when that is not the only criteria that some people use. So, in similar manner what do you mean by best? And I would still be curious what op means by best. Best value as cost one product, best value for him in terms of usability another product. It may be more helpful for other people to see rational behind others view of best. It may lead to more informed view of personal selection.

So I don t get why I got neg. For Android and PC users I use pocket and have done so for quite a few years http: Has been great and no problems and is FREE. I don t really notice the ads on the free version though. I have always been an Msecure user and loved the product…so much so that when they asked me to joins the beta testers program I jumped at the opportunity. Thats where things all went south. Apparently they are moving to a subscription model and ditching the ability to sync via icloud or dropbox, so if you want your passwords on more than one device you will need to pay the subscription fees.

Which means anyone who has physical access to your devices or Dropbox have trivial access to your passwords. You must create an mSecure account as your license to use the features, including syncing, tied to this account. Yes, no more syncing via dropbox. Basically you create an account with them and pay for whatever platform you want.

You download and install the app and once logged in, you are good to go. For iOS, mSecure 5 will be a free apps from app store but it won t do much for you until you buy the license for your mSecure account. There will be no subscription fee or membership fee. Except for the fee to purchase mSecure 5. Thank you for your interest in mSecure 5 and our pre-order sale.

With mSecure 5, we will be implementing our own syncing feature. We will no longer have iCloud or Dropbox syncing as syncing options. Quick clarification: That is the price to use mSecure 5 on all devices. It is also not a subscription fee. It is a one time price.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. From desktop to mobile, no matter the platform, mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to managing your passwords and other sensitive information. From the user interface to the encryption model, mSecure 5 represents an entire redesign of the app you trust to protect your most important and private information. We ve combed through every byte and pixel to make sure your information is easy to use, easy to access on all your devices and secure like never before with industry standard AES-encryption.

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Our team has been working…. For those of you who keep up with…. Download For Free. Guard your passwords with confidence Secure your data and passwords behind industry standard AES encryption. Generate secure passwords The most secure password is one you can t remember.

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mSecure - Password Manager

Parallels Stories March Justin Kahn - Mar. The discount is only valid for the 1st year of subscription. This is slightly below our previous mention and the current best price we can find. Parallels Stories February Justin Kahn - Feb. More details below. Parallels Stories January Justin Kahn - Jan.

Don’t sacrifice your security for convenience

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Using an industry-proven data encryption method, your information is safe guarded in case your device is misplaced or stolen. A password generator yields strong passwords. The search field makes it easy to find any particular record. Add your own custom information fields as well; each category can have an unlimited number of fields and an icon of your choosing. Included are unique icons for you to choose from. A self-destruct feature will delete your data after a number of failed login attempts. Forget your information? Use the hint feature to jog your memory. Sync with your PC You can sync this application with mSecure for Windows or Mac, which requires a separate software purchase. I use it on my Android devices and it works well.

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In this newsletter, we would like to introduce you to mGifts and how it can help you manage your gift list and budget this holiday season. There is still time to organize your gift giving for the holidays and throughout the year. In this newsletter: Setup gift-giving events like Christmas, birthdays for a year round gift list. Improved gift list sharing via SMS or email to enlist others to help in gift gathering. Improved gift status view; idea, needed, purchased, wrapped or shipped to help track the entire gifting process. New Budget management feature to help contain costs by tracking spending by person, group or event. For more information on this and other features in mGifts 3. To ensure mSeven continues to produce "Software made Simple", we want to learn a little about you, what you think about our products, ideas about possible future products and your feelings about app buying, So we put together a short 4 page survey.

One of the biggest security threats today is personal data and password protection. Securing your information online especially on your phone is becoming increasingly important with the daily installation of applications, sharing of documents, and downloading of files as smartphones become as advanced as portable computers.

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