Double coupons rainbow foods

Double coupons rainbow foods

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Rainbow Foods UNLIMITED double coupons -pocketyourdollars

This content uses referral links. Read our disclosure policy for more info. My experience and that of countless other Pocket Your Dollars readers is different than that. I felt torn. We spoke a few months ago and I am in touch now regarding a different topic. I am hopeful you can connect me to the right person. As a reminder and by the way of background, I own and operate a website called Pocket Your Dollars. On my site I provide ready-to-go shopping lists for the grocery stores in Minneapolis that match sale price items with available coupons similar to the lists provided on hundreds of websites.

Me and many, many thousands of readers love Rainbow and Double Coupon Daze. If that is your policy, this email is intended to inform you that practically something different is happening in your stores. This has been the source of a lot of conversation on my site and other sites recently and I want to be above board in letting you know that I share with readers what practically happens versus the stated policy. If you plan to change your policy, the way the registers function, or Double Coupon Daze I would appreciate being advised so I can spread the word to thousands of impacted shoppers so that they are not met with an unexpected surprise and frustration at the register one Wednesday.

I believe that transparency and disclosure are important. I shop at Riverdale Rainbow. By you contacting Roundy's, and passing on the information, we all can be honest in our shopping. I appreciate your integrity and find it refreshing. Thank you for providing a website that helps so many out, and that keeps integrity at the forefront. God bless you!!! I am glad that we did finally get that corrected.

The problem wtih the double coupons working is this: Most of the time these types of discounts are store discounts. I hope this clarifies this policy for you. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at It has been really frustrating shopping doubles lately. Rainbow should program their registers correctly and stop having the cashiers be the double coupon police. Granted, I shop in Maple Grove so the stores could function differently.

Carrie, I think what he Peter is referring to is a little different. I wasn't done scanning my other items yet and had not even entered one single couplon. It just did it automatically when I hit the necessary 6 boxes. So maybe that is why it seemed to be short at the end. In that partlicular case the 10 was deducted before the My coupons were doubled though.

Otherwise if it had used the sale price I wouldn't have met the At least that is what happened to me. And the machine did all of it. Carrie, I verified with my local Rainbow that they do not intend to double internet coupons that state "do not double or triple. It would be helpful not to expect a free item, when the coupon can't be doubled.

Kathy — True that is in their formal policy. I cannot tell when I link to a coupon which ones say "do not double. If the register doubles a coupon, which it always does, then they allow it. I'll make sure the post about their policy clearly explains this. I asked about the 'do not double or triple' on coupons at the Plymouth Rainbow and they said they honor them. Apparently each Rainbow is different in how they enforce their coupon policy!

A cashier would have to stop a coupon from doubling. If a coupon starts with a "5", it will always double up to the shelf price of the product. If the coupon starts with a "9", it will not double. Yes, it is nice to be conscious of doing the right thing. FYI to area shoppers: The 5 or 9 that Courtney is referring to above applies to the actual UPC bar code number. That's the part that cashiers scan and is similar in size to the UPC you would find on most products in the grocery store.

The number below the bars is styled x xxxxx xxxxx x. The very first number would be the 5 or 9. Just looked a couple of my coupons that say "Do not double" and the begin with 5s. Rainbow Fresh will not double my coupons that say "do not double" but Rainbow Foods will. What is the difference? I have only tried each place once since I am just getting the hang of doubling so it may just be a cashier thing too.

I shop the Forest Lake Rainbow and it all depends on what cashier you get that will or will not double the "do not double coupons". I like the cashier that I went to last week that would not double "the do not double" coupon because she said it was illegal!! I thought she was nuts so I put all my stuff back into my shopping cart and went to another cashier and had no problem.

Rainbow coupon policy is so confusing I refuse to go on Weds I am so tired of being emabarrased and mislead when I get to the register. I feel they are anti coupon sometimes. Thanks so much for trying to clarify Rainbow's policy. I have also sent an email to corporate trying to get more information, because I was made to feel like I was cheating last Wednesday when I was shopping at the Plymouth Rainbow store.

I also haven't gotten a response yet. I followed my normal policy which is to split my order into two, and then bring it out to the car, before doing 2 more transactions. The cashier in charge would not let me double my coupons on the last order because he said that I had already benefitted enough. I was too tired to argue, but have decided that the store doesn't do enough business and so I felt too scrutinized.

I think that I'll do another Rainbow this week. I think it all depends on the cashier. Also, not rainbow foods but relevant, my sister mostly shops CUB. I haven't had a chance to make sure she is using a reputable site but she usually never gets the cashier to scan them. I have had the same experience at the Forest Lake Rainbow. It all depends on the cashier. I was told that it is coupon fraud to double these, and it was also coupon fraud to accept expired coupons. Hmm Cub has been accepting expired coupons for as long as I can remember.

Oh well, let's not pass this information on to Cub. We double the coupons that say do not double or triple. We do not accept "free" item coupons. Meaning…get one free package of Kraft cheese. The cashiers tend to be patient with customers that go through the line many times, especially if they only do one to two orders at a time if someone else is in line.

This is due to the fact that waiting customers tend blame the wait on the cashier. We have a couple that shops at a store that does so many orders on double day that it takes the cashier over 45 minutes to complete their order. It is best to simply do a couple at a time and get in line again. I was at the St. Paul Rainbow on Arcade last week.

The doubled my coupons based on the before sale price. Would it make sense to direct our efforts toward talking with the manufacturers about removing the "do not double or triple" language from their coupons? In the small print, they could add wording that states the amount rebated to the store is the face value of the coupon and no more, no matter what local promotions the store decides to offer. The other coupons did not include that message.

During the past weeks at my local Pick 'n Save Roundy's in Meno. Some cashiers are pulling them out and not allowing them to be doubled on Wednesdays. This must be an uncomfortable situation for them. I've been asking for orders to be voided and items returned to my cart, so I can go back into the aisles and rethink my strategy. I used to say "Let's see how the cash register handles them", and that was good enough.

But there must be a focus on this issue by the managment because the cashiers are not satisfied with this suggestion anymore. Maybe with time, this will lessen. I see many disadvantages to this store's approach: I am a manager at another grocery store in the twin cities but I do shop at Rainbow on the double daze day! I think I have the answer to your question.

Rainbow Foods: Unlimited Double Coupons Saturday 1/26/13

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Rainbow foods did unlimited double coupons last Wednesday and will again this Wednesday. It is not being adversitsed by Rainbow at all.

S tephanie Acocella was thrilled when she found out Rainbow Foods planned to try out unlimited double coupons, a cash-saving phenomenon that had yet to reach the Twin Cities. So excited, in fact, that she's taking the day off work Wednesday to be at the front of the line when the promotion begins. Deals in which supermarkets double the value of coupons, sometimes for a limited time, took off in popularity over the past two to three years with the rise of the TV show "Extreme Couponing. But while the offers bring in customers, they are expensive for stores, which cover the discounts without help from manufacturers. Unlimited deals are becoming less common at stores in other parts of the country.

Double Coupons Rainbow Foods

This content uses referral links. Read our disclosure policy for more info. My experience and that of countless other Pocket Your Dollars readers is different than that. I felt torn. We spoke a few months ago and I am in touch now regarding a different topic. I am hopeful you can connect me to the right person. As a reminder and by the way of background, I own and operate a website called Pocket Your Dollars.

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