Post deals slickdeals

Post deals slickdeals

Post deals slickdeals

A lot of great features, honestly I am unsure from a website dev point of view what you could change to make the experience better since it s already a great site to me. I have saved so-o-o-o much money over the time that I have come to your website. I check it about 4 times each day because the really good deals expire quickly. I have taken advantage of many slick deals and I appreciate the community for their efforts to share with every. It wasn t your fault, they forgot to put in a CODE for me for the shipping. They then refused to refund the fee.

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Remember Me. Suddenly that new pair of shoes you were looking forward to, is now just a constant reminder of the money you wasted. However, in the world of increasingly prolific and competitive online shopping, this is becoming more and more common. It started out as a simple online forum for bargain hunters to share deals with each other, ranging from multi-thousand-dollar luxury watches to free gift cards from filling in customer surveys.

Members vote on the deals that get posted, and as deals receive more votes they transcend in status from Popular to Front Page to Fire 3. The Slickdeals homepage — https: What makes Slickdeals so great is the passion and engagement of its community. They will source and share deals from every corner of the internet and passionately debate the quality of deals and the underlying products. As an example, toilet paper is something that is relatively unexciting and inexpensive.

However, on Slickdeals, there are literally fanatics who have years of data on bath tissue sales. If a bath tissue deal comes up, you can be sure that these people will let you know if it is good deal by providing a breakdown of the cost per sheet adjusting for number of plies and sheet dimensions to the nearest th of a cent.

This is serious business, see the exhibit below. While members receive no monetary benefit for sharing deals, they do get the satisfaction of helping other likeminded people save money and of knowing that thousands of other people are validating their deal hunting ability. Their participation is largely intrinsic. Click through traffic is tracked using these links through which Slickdeals can then accurately attribute sales volumes with the end vendor. Slickdeals also benefits from both direct and indirect network effects because the more users are posting deals, the more users will visit the site and start to post deals themselves, and the more user traffic there is, the more attractive it becomes for vendor websites to pay for advertising or share their own deals directly.

So the next time you see a good deal online, before you hit the checkout, ask yourself — I know this is a good deal, but is it slick? I wonder how Slickdeals could become more of a mainstream shopping portal rather than a site for the toilet paper lords of the world. They need a very Slick ad campaign…. You have proven me very wrong. I assume yes, given the involvement of an actual community and curators in addition to some sort of web crawler. Reliance on goodheartedness might not be the best long term strategy.

Great post! Amazing post Yun. More than a few laughs from that one. As for the business, I wonder where they are headed. I remember when the site had a clandestine feeling to it. Now its arguably more appealing, but also more catered towards the interest of the masses. I think twice about featured posts since they may not be the best deal, but the ones that gave the best affiliate rate. Hopefully they are able to grow while staying true to their roots! So basically, slickdeal works the same as other referral sites such as ebates and mrrebates but deals are user-generated.

Thanks for the great post! Hi Yun! Great post — hopefully there are some diaper deals on Slickdeals in the future! Any idea how big Slickdeals is in terms of revenue? Thanks Alex. However, Warburg Pincus invested in them in http: You must be logged in to post a comment. Register for an account. Skip to content. We manage this forum to gather and share perspectives from the HBS student community. Want to learn more about digital transformation?

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You may have heard of a site named SlickDeals. Ever since the early days of college, I have been visiting this site almost daily to keep up with prices for items of interest. As our boot camp cohort at NYC Data Science learned about web scraping, I felt that it would be a great idea to play around and see what more I could learn about this popular deal-sharing website. If you are uninterested in the programming aspect and are more interested in the findings, please skip the data, scrapy, and cleaning portions of this post. Since SlickDeals is largely a community-driven website, what better question is there to ask than what is popular with the users?

Black Friday is here and many great deals are now on.

For those consumers on the hunt for post-Christmas discounts — or just hitting the stores to make gift returns — there are a few staples that will offer bargains through January. One of the categories with the strongest deals will be guys clothing. Bodge said to expect deals in the percent off range. Last year, there were deals for men at Nordstrom, Macy s and Target: Since the late s, January has been the month of household linens. Bodge isn t sure how or why this trend got started but, "it s become kind of this thing we see every single January, and so we will see sales on everything from things like towels and sheets and bedding.

Finding Partners for Coupon Sites

Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. I love gadgets.

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Slickdeals makes it easier and faster to get the hottest deals

On Slickdeals, the top deals website in the US, members share deals that they ve found, which are then voted on and discussed by the community. This process helps visitors find great deals, even as the discussions around products help users identify the real bargains. Semantics3 helps Slickdeals members submit deals faster by automating the tedious process of filling in product information for new listings. Slickdeals members post thousands of deals everyday. The value of the site is in the fact that unlike other deals sites like Groupon, deals on Slickdeals are hunted and posted by users, not merchants. This helps the whole community benefit from the expertise of deal-savvy members and sift out the real deals from the rest. Deals are usually short-lived. So it is in everyone s interest to ensure that the time-lag between a member discovering a deal, and posting it on Slickdeals is minimized. Traditionally, a community member posting a deal had to go back and forth from the deal page and manually paste deal information such as title, description, category and retailer.

Remember Me. Suddenly that new pair of shoes you were looking forward to, is now just a constant reminder of the money you wasted. However, in the world of increasingly prolific and competitive online shopping, this is becoming more and more common. It started out as a simple online forum for bargain hunters to share deals with each other, ranging from multi-thousand-dollar luxury watches to free gift cards from filling in customer surveys. Members vote on the deals that get posted, and as deals receive more votes they transcend in status from Popular to Front Page to Fire 3. The Slickdeals homepage — https: What makes Slickdeals so great is the passion and engagement of its community.

Slickdeals How to Share a Deal

Slickdeals is a leading portal for online deals and coupons. Members of the community source discounts from all over the internet and post them to slickdeals. Once there, the best deals are surfaced and presented to the widest audience generating an affiliate commission to Slickdeals for sales completed after a user clicks the link. Outgoing links from slickdeals. While those offers are mostly listed for free on slickdeals. Unsurprisingly Amazon topped the list in the last three months and for a long term before then. To get a clear idea of the retailers and service providers who are making the most out of coupon sites and discount codes, it pays to compare the proportion of outgoing links to a site like slickdeals.

post your deal on SLICKDEALS or DEALPLUS for $70

To better help the deal-train chug along, we ve updated the way in which you share a deal, making it easier than ever before. This beginner s guide will walk you through the process of creating a new deal thread in the " Hot Deals " forum using our new-and-improved " Post a Deal " submission form. Make sure you re signed in to your account — posting is reserved for registered users only. If you don t have an account, sign up for one HERE. It s free and easy! With 10 million monthly users, there s a high probability that someone has already posted the deal you re looking to share. It s always a good idea to do a quick check in an effort to not clutter up the forums. If it s a site-wide promotion, linking to the main store page is fine; same for if it s an in-store deal only. The form will do its best to pre-populate as much information as it can from the link, and also automatically place the link in the description box more on that later.

Did your holiday gift budget shrink considerably this year?

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Slickdeals is the largest deal-sharing community on the Web with millions of people regularly using the Slickdeals app to discover, share, rate and shop the best deals and coupons for their favorite stores. After you download this app, you ll never pay full price again. How it works: Our community members find deals around the Web and share it on our forums. Every deal gets vetted by the community through votes and comments, and the good ones move up to the Popular Deals forum. If you want to beat the rush and increase your odds of snagging a great deal before it reaches the masses, the Popular Deals forum is the place to be. The best Popular Deals are screened by our Deal Editors after getting enough votes to be considered for the Frontpage. If the deal is as good as it seems, it will graduate to the Frontpage, which features the best of the best on any given day. If you prefer a more hands-off approach to finding great deals, set a Deal Alert and get notified whenever a deal matching what you re looking for is posted on Slickdeals. You can configure your alert for keywords, stores and categories. You decide how and when you want to get notified, but remember, the best deals usually don t last long. If you ve already filled up your online shopping cart and want to see if there s a last chance to save some money, check out our coupons pages. We have coupons for every store that offers them and our in-house team of coupon editors are quick to remove expired promo codes so you don t waste your time. If you like browsing deals by category, this is the app for you.

Even though they only have 2 years on native mobile under their belt, Kim says that over half of their visits come from mobile streams now. It just goes to show how much the landscape of tech is changing. Unlike before, companies can now reach users at any time during the day. The key however, is getting them to re-engage and interacting with the app, without being intrusive and obnoxious. So far, the team has done well in this aspect. Greg shared some insights about how they were able to do so. Slickdeals takes a clever approach to get their piece of the pie. The app leverages that urgency for time-sensitive deals, utilizing mobile notifications and specific customizable alerts to capitalize on a fear of missing out. Additionally, Slickdeals is able to nudge many users into re-engaging through multiple streams including emails, notifications, or customizable alerts.

If you enjoy getting random stuff at the lowest price, and maybe even free, then deal sites are for you. It can make the holiday season a whole load easier — or just help you replace those items that you always lose and always need. Slickdeals is one of the largest communities to offer deals and coupons in return for ratings and reviews. The members of the site share deals, along with coupons, covering a huge variety of products. Today we are going to introduce 12 best sites like Slickdeals, to help you find the free merchandise available to consumers. It is not that these products are cheap and cheerful and without much practical application — quite the opposite — these are high-quality, high-value goods. Not all the products are free — though there are new free products each day, so it is worth going back again and again. You can learn how to use Cashbackbase from the video below: Dealnews is another deal finder site like Slickdeals. This is a popular site that has been around for 20 years. It enjoys over 14 million visits from deal finders each month — which is positive proof that people return time and again. With over deals every day in the week — it is likely that you will always find something that you need — or just want.

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