Red plum coupon inserts for sale

Red plum coupon inserts for sale

By printing this test coupon you are ensuring that you have the proper configuration to print RedPlum coupons successfully. This is not an actual coupon. This is a test of the coupon printing service and is not meant to convey any value or discount toward the purchase of any product. Consumers expect personalization Brands should make the most of the idea that consumers are willing to provide personal information in exchange for deals. Feb 24, The Red PlumValassis insert is getting pulled from some papers.

RetailMeNot Insert Preview for 3/31 ~ BROWSE all 16 Pages of Coupons!

Is the jig up? I would think with the rise of postage costs, this would be more costly for Valassis. They have not taken into account that many people buy extra newspaper inserts to maximize their savings or buy extra items for charity. In addition, couponers are probably keeping some newspapers afloat by couponers buying extra papers each week just for the extra inserts!

This brings me to the question, is this the beginning of the end of coupons as we know it? I hope not because good old fashioned Sunday Coupon Inserts are what I mainly use to save! Using the term angry makes us all sound like some type of mad mob, which I guess we really could become if they take away our coupons…. Do any of you think about the environmental impact of their mailers?

For anyone thinking of advertising with these jokers, it is the kiss of death for you with many thoughtful consumers. Why would we do business with a company who spams our mailbox with this junk, and harms the environment in the process. For all of you salivating for your next load of coupons, you are a bunch of suckers. Do a little research on consumer profiling, dynamic pricing aka targeted pricing, targeted marketing, and data mining.

You only think you are saving money. Want to save money? You are NOT helping your family with your pathological fascination with coupons, and your addiction to having Valassis tell you what you should buy each week. Dumb, dumb, dumb. What a pathetic group of naive losers you all are. As they say: In print media, there is no way to track usage, demographics, and market penetration, etc. Valassis sucks!

I used to work for them in El Paso. They are wrong to pull the coupons. I am pissed! The sad thing is during such economic hard times, the negative impact of this move will leave many soured and frustrated with Red Plum. The bright side is you could ask neighbors to save those unwanted Red Plum Direct Mailers for you and collect more coupons.

Of course they may also be wanting to use them now…. Just so you know, http: And you can go into previous weeks and purchase them too. What a croc!!!! Hey, Montgomery Illinois -call the post office and let them know if this has happened to you last week. I have more household cleaning coupons and fragrance coupons than I need. I have also realized the emptiness of the coupon section that is the whole reason we go out to get the paper every Sunday morning.

I have a newborn so all coupons help and I usually see if my friend uses any. I have picked up the coupon clipping tradition from my mother. The only time I have seen a redplum coupon book is in the mail in what most of us would think of as junk mail but it is a large paper with ads inside. I am incredibly excited to find that Red Plum will mail me their coupons. I live in an incredibly rural environment and can only get a newspaper subscription mailed to me they do not include ads or coupons when they mail the newspaper.

I love couponing but have been very limited by what I can do because of the availability. I will have no problem getting multiple coupons because I have asked my family and friends to sign up and if I can have their coupons. Know if only I could get the rest of the coupons so easily. I will be writing up a detailed response to this generic cut and paste which was posted at multiple blogs in the next few days.

As an advertising executive that has worked with Valassis and News America for over 20 years as an advertiser within their FSI products, I have a slightly different opinion on this matter. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer the impetus for much of the negative blog posting lost 2. Advertisers are looking to reach as many people as possible with their advertising in the most cost-effective manner. The inability of a group of people to buy multiples of a product using multiple coupons is significantly offset by the ability of an advertiser to reach hundreds of thousands of new consumers who might buy their products.

They would much rather have 7 new people each use one coupon? They would rather sell 7 items instead of 10? To do that, you need to get your coupons in the hands of the most consumers. If anyone believes that the manufacturers want them using multiple coupons at one time, they need to know that is not reality. That is why manufacturers are embracing the move to distribution via direct mail.

They want you using one coupon and then returning to purchase more of the product at the regular price. Then you only need one coupon and can buy as many of each product as you need. And, yes they all carry SmartSource and Red Plum coupons and they are still failing financially! Bloggers, while disappointed that they no longer have access to 10 coupons for their favorite product should be thankful that hundreds of thousands of other consumers in their market can now receive coupon discouts during this financially dificult time.

They should be excited that, should their newspaper cease operations, they will still be able to receive their Red Plum coupons in the mail. THIS is the nail on the head about the point of RedPlum and what their customers manufacturers want out of coupons:. What is also sad is that so many newspapers are having difficult time now to. So when we stop purchasing Sunday papers because of the lack of coupons. Red Plum is also responsible for hurting the papers circulation and many writers jobs as well.

I also like to purchase multiple copies of the paper to get additional coupons. RedPlum is only going where the business. It is also in their interest to protect the interest of their customers the manufacturers who publish coupons for their products by deciding best places to place their inserts. Both previously great coupon papers. Now —- not much of anything. Have you seen the website… http: Rachels last blog post..

Free Samples Galore! I agree that they will lose sales from the papers if they pull the coupon inserts.. I for one will not be buying not 1 but usually 2 on Sunday plus I still print the ones I know our family will use. I live in the West Palm Beach area and get 2 different newspapers on Sunday because the paper that is more local has less coupons than the large Palm Beach paper.

That and I love gettin 2 sets of most coupons! I do agree, however, that the lack of consistently enforced store policies regarding printable coupons should be considered and appears to not have been. Nicoles last blog post.. Free Samples. Everyone has to vent! It is always nice to read more than one commentary on a subject like this! The deeper market penetration comment sounds like a cop out from Valassis.

Effective market penetration will: Valassis Plan: Convince current customer to use more or gain new customers. You only have the option to get 1 insert via mail so current customers will not even have the opportunity to increase their usage. I just think they would have a great impact if they continue the coupon inserts in the newspapers AND reached out via mail. I am not sure I am convinced about the deeper market penetration reasoning.

You idea of offering by mail and in the newspaper is what they should be doing. Thanks for the post. I had no idea. You know, in a time when the economy is horrible, and there are so many people without jobs, this will really have an impact. I know that our family of five live off of one income, and every penny that we can save helps out.

I think moves like this will hurt companies, because many people only buy items when they have coupons combined with sales. If there are no more coupons, I am sure there are several people who will revert back to all generic brands. Brandys last blog post.. Giveaway Winners!! So we did still get them. Ginas last blog post.. Meal Planning Monday. Thanks for sharing the list.

I have no problem with deeper market penetration but why not keep it in the current newspapers AND Offer it via the mail. Offering it via mail does not seem like deeper market penetration to me unless they are going to send it to every single person in that area not just the ones who are requesting it. Red Plum could do something similar with their clients.

2018 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

We are expecting TWO inserts this weekend! Just an FYI: You can go here to see if your Red Plum is coming via mail or newspaper! You can use this link to find out if your Red Plum inserts are coming in the newspaper or mail- http:

RedPlum owner Valassis Communications said it planned to use the mail to deliver its insert due to a dispute over the cost of folding the insert into newspapers, Times vice president of sales and marketing Bruce Faulmann said. The firm also said the Tampa Bay region had a high rate of coupon fraud, in which coupons are sold in bulk over online marketplaces like eBay.

Is the jig up? I would think with the rise of postage costs, this would be more costly for Valassis. They have not taken into account that many people buy extra newspaper inserts to maximize their savings or buy extra items for charity. In addition, couponers are probably keeping some newspapers afloat by couponers buying extra papers each week just for the extra inserts! This brings me to the question, is this the beginning of the end of coupons as we know it? I hope not because good old fashioned Sunday Coupon Inserts are what I mainly use to save!

Why Don’t I Get RedPlum Coupons in The Virginian Pilot?

A new edition of the Redplum coupon insert is making the rounds this week. Check you flyer bundle for this latest edition for the month of November. This week, you can expect the newest edition of the Redplum coupon insert to be among your flyers. This edition has a couple of gems inside, namely two mail in rebates, in addition to some of the usual coupons that we typically see in Redplum. Here is a list of what you will find inside …Read More.

Were you missing RedPlum coupon inserts from your Sunday paper?

The issue is also a fateful for one for the newspaper industry. The worst-kept secret in newspapers is that many "readers" actually only get their local paper for the coupons. The lost revenue will cripple some local papers much more than competition from the web. Most people in the ad business -- the trendy folks in Manhattan and Los Angeles -- couldn't care less whether newspaper coupons live or die. But as the recession turns consumers into bargain hunters, the coupon issue could potentially be a huge one. And Valassis is tempting fate by angering online blogger moms. So far, the only online news outlet to notice ooops! There have been four reports not many news outlets have noticed that Valassis has abandoned coupons. Madelyn Carter said, "That's the first section I go to is the comics where the coupons are located and look for the coupons and the sales. I do it every Sunday.

RedPlum issues new warning to coupon buyers and resellers

This post may contain an affiliate link. Well, about 4 years ago, RedPlum decided to test out distributing their coupon insert in the mail instead of putting it in the newspaper. You should see the RedPlum coupon insert amidst the pizza sales and grocery store flyers. I wish I had a better answer for you, but keep your fingers crossed that we will one day see the RP insert back in our local paper. Good morning. I just followed the link you have for RedPlum and it is to actually remove your address from their mailing list not to receive their insert mailings.

10/22/17 RedPlum Preview

When you were browsing through your new coupon inserts this weekend, did you happen to notice the fine print at the top of the RedPlum inserts? Both inserts have identical warnings at the top:. These booklets are intended for individual home or newspaper distribution. If you are buying or selling these booklets in bulk, you are likely trafficking in stolen property, which is illegal under state and federal law. Publishers have been exploring ways to cut down on fraudulent insert distribution and curb coupon insert resellers. Coupon insert theft was in the news off and on last year, including one notable bust where a police officer was stealing coupon inserts from a newspaper distribution center for resale. Recent efforts to curtail both insert theft and resale have focused on a southern California newspaper distribution center. Of course, when a publisher pulls out of a certain market, it meant that many southern Californians went without their Brandsaver last month, not just those looking to commit coupon fraud.

1/20/19 RetailMeNot (RedPlum)

Thanks for the info. I just figured they were cutting waaaaay back since it seems like most weeks they were missing one or the other. Usually checked the Times Herald, and they seemed a little more reliable, but coupons were generally not as impressive. No RedPlum for me today either, was very disappointed! Thank you for posting this news, I thought my carrier just forgot to put them in the inserts. The printables are frequently lower value than the inserts. I just subscribed to the free press and got my first paper today. I am so disappointed. So very, very disappointed.

Last week I received and email from a reader asking if I knew why red Plum inserts stopped showing up in her Sunday newspaper inserts. This is the press release about this:.

The future of coupons: Valassis Yanks Red Plum Inserts in Several Large Markets

Many Michigan residents are waking up to find something missing from the Sunday paper: It began as early as in other areas. As newspaper circulation numbers continue to fall, that may mean that you may receive one RedPlum coupon insert in your mailbox instead. Did you get your RedPlum inserts in the Sunday paper today? It will be interesting. Randyk you are VERY lucky. I think the best coupons are in the SS, but I have to make do with one copy. I told them they are going to help put newspapers out of business, since many people only buy them to get the coupons. Right now several neighbors let me take the bags because they consider them junk. I thought the same as Angela. They checked all the remaining papers that were left, and none had the RP.

Red Plum Coupon Inserts - Get 'Em By Mail!

This post may contain a link to an affiliate. See my disclosure policy for more information. I posted this last week but wanted to make sure all of you are aware that starting June 1st, RedPlum coupon inserts will no longer be in Tampa Bay area Sunday papers. The reasoning is because of fraud. This is frustrating on so many levels. They are upset about coupon inserts being sold and bartered and yet now I suspect that even more people will support the people selling inserts.

Redplum Promo Codes & Coupons

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here. In an attempt to fight coupon fraud and the coupon black market — yes, there is in fact a coupon black market! In the long term, they also plan to develop new and innovative ways to deliver savings to the consumer — sweet! Readers who regularly receive RedPlum inserts can expect the newly branded insert starting this Sunday, March 25th. For the time being, clippable RedPlum online coupons are still available but will eventually make their way to the RetailMeNot Everyday website. We get all our ads with the smatsource coupon inserts in them with our mail, i miss redplum, apparently that comes in the newspaper in Sacramento. I wondered why we stopped receiving coupons and we receive less ads in the Sunday paper. I now have my newspaper delivered to my parents house about 10 minutes away. They still get the coupons and more ads than we received. It is very frustrating. My mom lives on the other side of town from me in Baton Rouge. I have to buy a newspaper to get them. I get the Chicago Tribune just on Sunday home delivery. I always get the coupon inserts that are shown on Hip 2 save.

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